Yes, There is Hope

Many parents ask us if there is hope for their traumatized family and/or child? We do what we do because, yes, there is hope! Over the years, we have witnessed and shared in the healing that occurs in loving, therapeutic homes and professional sessions. The work is not easy, nor quick, nor without despair, but is very rewarding. Start today with a free 30 minute consultation.

We’re your coach and partner – begin the journey to healing today.

Faye Hall & Jeff Merkert

Faye Hall and Jeff Merkert

“God setteth the solitary in families.”

Psalm 68:6

We Are Attachment Specialists

Faye & Jeff are trained child development specialists in the areas of trauma and attachment. Over the years, they have witnessed and shared the healing that occurs in loving, therapeutic environments.

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We invite you to a complimentary 30 minute conversation where we’ll listen to your needs and advise how we can assist. We are eager to help and provide the needed training and care.

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  • Paradigm shift: Understanding, treatment of early trauma
  • Trauma Disrupted Competencies: 6 areas derailed by trauma
  • Elements: 4 healing practices parents use
  • Principles: 7 principles parents cannot ignore
  • Environment: How to implement a healing environment
  • Team: Valuable therapeutic tools to share with your team
  • Attachment: Ways to connect with a fearful, angry child
  • Assessment tools: Evaluate parent & child’s behaviors
  • Parenting: Direction in self-regulation, self-care, modeling…
  • Tools: Worksheets, forms, and visual aids
  • Excerpts: From all of our publications.


Learn from Jeff what it’s like working with Early Trauma.

Learn from Jenifer what it’s like working with Early Trauma.  As she shares her experiences and how they taught her to handle every situation.

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