2017–A busy year

2017–A busy year

Jeff and I have been blessed this year with many training opportunities.  These opportunities offered parents and professionals a deeper understanding of the impact of early trauma, healthier was to parent, more appropriate services with improved systems of care, and healing ways to interact with the children.

Pennsylvania’s Statewide Adoption Network–SWAN (http://www.adoptpakids.org/Swan.aspx)  conference was held in the Pocono’s again this year at the Kalahari Resort (https://www.kalahariresorts.com/pennsylvania) Our topic was Trauma Disrupted Competencies.

North American Council on Adoptable Children–NACAC-(https://www.nacac.org/)  conference was in at Atlanta this year.  Our topic was Four Essential Elements of Affect Synchrony: Healing Communication.

Child Evangelism Fellowship (http://www.cefonline.com/) was a new audience for us this fall. We were privileged to speak at their retreat in Pennsylvania.  Our goal was to help the staff see the children differently, not through the disruptive behaviors, but the trauma they have experienced.

We provided training to three different school districts and the local special ed unit.  Educators are becoming more aware that these children have different challenges and do not respond to behavioral methods.

We continue to facilitate our monthly support group in Marietta, Pa (https://healingheartsminds.weebly.com/).  Frequently, we are asked to train at local adoption and foster care support groups.

If you are interested in having us provide a training for your agency or school, please contact us.


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