2019 Another Busy Year

2019 Another Busy Year

Jeff and I have had another busy year and are thankful for the many opportunities we have had and the wonderful people we met.

In June, we presented at the National Council on Adoption in Atlanta. https://www.adoptioncouncil.org/ Jeff gave the “two baby talk” which in reality has grown to the three baby talk since we cover prenatal trauma, too. The information was well received. Typical comments from both parents and professionals were that they will see the children differently now. This is the intention to begin the paradigm shift.

We were fortunate to write an article about our Seven Principles in their newsletter (last year’s presentation). https://www.adoptioncouncil.org/publications/2019/03/adoption-advocate-no-129?fbclid=IwAR05yo7PtQLJrdG6kIzkorsObCEjbBOOTL1OSF-oPfZh41H5sN6OK0Sbjao

We began a new adventure this month (9/19). Pa Child in York, Pa asked us to be part of a new program that will serve birth families whose children are in care and the foster/resource families caring for the children. This is described as “concurrent” in today’s language. We are now adapting paperwork and compiling client lists. https://www.pachild.org/

We want to thank the Pa State Resource Family Association for sponsoring a training in June and another in October. Join us in October at their conference as we explore self-care (and why many of us don’t take our own advice).

http://Pennsylvania State Resource Family Association | Support … https://www.psrfa.org

In October, I will volunteer at Rejuvenate Pennsylvania Oct. 18-20, 2019. This is a conference for foster and adoptive moms. Join other like minded mothers and share in some self care. https://foreverhomes.org/retreats/

Lastly, as of now, Jeff and are being challenged to write another book. Our book agent contacted us this week to start the process. Yes, it’s time consuming and hard work, but the outcomes are worth it.

Thanks for sharing in our adventures. We appreciate each parent and professional working hard to help children heal.

If you have any thoughts or ideas that you want us to write about, please send me an email at [email protected]

Remember this site is to give you ideas and understanding about early trauma and helpful ways to help your children heal. We are not your therapist nor are we providing treatment. Each parent and professional is responsible for his or her actions, responses, and approaches.

© 2019, Faye Hall. All rights reserved.

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