ECTM–Emotional Cognitive Trauma Model

ECTM–Emotional Cognitive Trauma Model


Our desire is to provide the tools for dedicated parents and professionals to facilitate the healing of traumatized children in a family setting.

The Emotional Cognitive Trauma Model (ECTM), developed by Faye Hall and Jeff Merkert, utilizes a targeted set of evidence based psychological practices to empower caregivers and professionals to see the children and their behaviors through the Trauma Lens and begins the healing paradigm shift. The psychoeducation interweaves neurology, emotional co-regulation, child development, and relationship building skills, which decreases the reliance on behavioral and medical intervention.  This model transfers a set of skills to family units that in turns transforms them into emotional processing systems for both the children’s historic and on-going traumatic experiences.  These emotional processing family systems are healing in themselves and additionally form the safe and secure foundations needed in more traditional recovery modalities.

Who we are

Since 2000, Jeff and Faye have researched and developed the ECTM psychoeducational and treatment curriculum designed for dedicated professionals and parents to help heal children with a history of early trauma. They began training others in 2002 and formed Connection Resources, LLC in 2004

Faye is a birth mom of three and an adoptive mom.  After finishing graduate school, she worked as an outpatient therapist until she and Jeff began a specialized treatment program at Jewish Family Service in Harrisburg.  Jeff is a father of two. After a career in retail management, Jeff returned to school and completed his degree at Lancaster Bible College. Jeff has logged more than 3000 hours of direct attachment and trauma treatment with adolescent clients.  He and Faye began the specialized treatment program in 2010.

Both Faye and Jeff are trained in and use various treatment modalities including Theraplay, Circle of Security, DDP, EMDR, Love and Logic, Internal Family Systems, Emotional Focused Therapy, and Gottman’s marriage model.  

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