Jeff and Faye partnered in 2000 to research early trauma and were trained in models such as Theraplay, EMDR, DDP, Internal Family Systems, Love and Logic, Circle of Security, etc.

They used their experience and education to develop treatment programs for families parenting children with early trauma. In collaboration with Dr. Jon Biever, they wrote Healing Traumatized Children, published October 2015. Agencies, schools, facilities, and treatment providers have received training in their model.


Many parents ask us if there is hope for their family and/or child. Jeff and I do what we do because there is hope. Over the years, we have witness and shared in the healing that occurs in loving, therapeutic homes. The work is not easy, nor quick, nor without despair but very rewarding.

Psalm 68:6 “God setteth the solitary in families.” Families give children the opportunity to heal, children give families opportunities to be vulnerable, self-reflective, and selfless. As parents search their hearts for motivations and strengths, they tend to find skills they never new existed. Skills that will keep them focused and purposeful through the healing process.

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Faye and Jeff are consultants trained in trauma, attachment, and child development.

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  • Identify origins of behaviors resulting from early trauma
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  • Identify ways to engage: creative uses of games and props
  • Identify and guide in using assessment tools
  • Guide in parenting empowerment; resources and tools
  • Provide worksheets and forms to support treatment


Learn from Jeff what it’s like working with Early Trauma.

Learn from Jenifer what it’s like working with Early Trauma.  As she shares her experiences and how they taught her to handle every situation.


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We have extensive training for both families and professional educators, as well as several publications, a support group, and countless video and editorial resources available. Contact us to get started on your journey of healing.



This devotional is directed towards foster and adoptive parents who have taken in the challenge to parent traumatized children. We have written this devotional in an effort to reinforce the fact that God never calls us to do anything that He has not equipped us to do.


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