Internal Working Models #2

How internal models are formed

  1. Our mixture of positive and negative models will function as a neuro pathway diverter. The degree of model purity determines which pathways our thoughts will travel. 
  2. The thought patterns, neuro pathways, engendered by our mix of internal working models become, through repetition, hardwired, habitual responses.
  3. Parents, in relationship with traumatized children, are at risk of having their own mixture of internal working models polluted toward the negative.
  4. To be effective, parents must be aware of the affects of the internal models in operation and intentionally interpret, narrate, and respond to the events though the preferred models.


  • Two models:
  • Beliefs of each:
  • Positive:
  • Negative:

Goals: to help our children heal, parents must be aware

  1. Everyone is a mixture of both internal working models
  2. Normal is mixed
    • Some may be more pure-negative-traumatized children
    • The mix is often referred to as the internal working model. (oil and water mixture, marble works-dodging marble to avoid one color-leads to dodging all, pathways of thinking by adding new connections)
  3. These models function as diverters to our thought patterns and become habitual.
  4. Parents must know their own and their children’s internal working models and how they are impacting emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and actions.
  5. Parents must be aware they are in danger of burning negative thought patterns because of the interactions with their children who have NIWMs.
  6. Parents must be intentional in protect their positive internal working model and focus on helping their children first recognize, then change the negative models.

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