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Extensive Training

We offer specialized training in the impact of early trauma and provide healing interventions. We will translate research and theory into practical interventions.

Exclusive Publications

Parents and professionals need more than just vague theories. Please view our books and see the proactive plans available for healing relationship avoidant children.

Helpful Support

Come join our support group to learn the skills necessary to maintain a therapeutic home environment designed to heal the hearts and minds of children and teens affected by early trauma.

Ready for help?

Please choose a plan below that best fits your situation. Each membership plan enables access to all of our premium resources.

Benefits of being a member:

  • Identify origins of behaviors resulting from early trauma
  • Offer interventions that address these origins
  • Aid in designing a healing environment
  • Explore service options
  • Identify ways to engage: creative uses of games and props
  • Identify and guide in using assessment tools
  • Guide in parenting empowerment; resources and tools
  • Provide worksheets and forms to support treatment