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More than 60 videos to help parents gain a Trauma Lens Paradigm Shift, implement a healing environment, develop interventions from the Trauma Disrupted Competencies, use each of the 4 Elements, be preventive with the 7 Principles, support your team with new interventions, use the assessment tools to mark progress, and understand the impact of parenting a traumatized child on marriages, self-care, and support systems.

And new posts and videos added frequently!!

  • Devotional: Read portions of our devotional for spiritual strength
  • Paradigm shift: Understanding, treatment of early trauma
  • Trauma Disrupted Competencies: 6 areas derailed by trauma
  • Elements: 4 healing practices parents use
  • Principles: 7 principles parents cannot ignore
  • Environment: How to implement a healing environment
  • Team: Valuable therapeutic tools to share with your team
  • Attachment: Ways to connect with a fearful, angry child
  • Assessment tools: Evaluate parent & child’s behaviors
  • Parenting: Direction in self-regulation, self-care, modeling…
  • Tools: Worksheets, forms, and visual aids
  • Excerpts: From all of our publications.

Watch a few of our short videos for a little insight into the resources available.

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