Healing Traumatized Children

Navigating Recovery for Children with Turbulent Pasts, A book for Parents and Professionals

Authors Hall, Merkert and Biever have successfully merged mental health, trauma, and attachment, parenting and in-home treatment strategies into a single comprehensive resource for parents and professionals. The authors emphasize the importance of an in-home plan (where the healing must begin), outline how to effectively assemble a support network, provide the keys to the establishment of a therapeutic home environment, discuss psycho-education that identifies the six distinct Trauma Disrupted Competencies and provide multiple types of healing interventions.

Healing Traumatized Children confirms that without effective in-home intervention, many of these children will become involved in juvenile and adult justice systems and continue the intergenerational transmission of maladaptive relationships, abuse, and neglect. It is important to remember that these children will eventually become tomorrow’s parents.


“Award-Winning Finalist in the “Parenting & Family” category of the 2015 USA Best Book Awards” -USA Book News

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“Clear language and thorough explanations make this book widely accessible, especially for the adoptive and foster parents of traumatized children.”

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Caitlynn Lowe