The website provides resources that teach trauma, attachment, and child development theories and ways to apply these theories to relationships and environments for healing.

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Benefits: Exclusive access to an online library of videos, writings, assessments, and resources for treatment of early trauma in a home environment. 70+ videos and many articles, assessments, and resources.


First, we recommend watching the Two Baby presentation. You will need to set aside 45 minutes for viewing and time to process the information. When we begin working with a new family, Jeff presents it early in treatment. The presentation starts the Paradigm Shift in how we perceive early trauma, the person, and the behaviors. To reinforce this shift, view other Paradigm Shift videos.

Next, watch the Trauma Disrupted Competencies (TDCs). We targeted six areas that tend to be disrupted by early traumatic experiences. Often, we can pinpoint one or more TDCs as the origin of specific behaviors. By addressing behavior problems through this lens, healing begins.

Follow with the Four Elements which offer healing ways we can interact with our children. Their trauma began via disrupted relationships with their primary caregivers, now we have the opportunity to recreate healing interactions and environments.

Seven Principles

Seven Principles: With a large collection of videos (23) and writings, parents will be able to identify foundational principles present in every family. We illustrate both healthy and unhealthy models. Learn how your family can become more emotionally healthy. For example: Learn why and how the limbic brain takes over under stress and how this limbic response will be shared by family members.

Trauma Disrupted Competencies:

Trauma Disrupted Competencies: Learn the origin of disruptive behaviors. With 15 videos, we teach six origins and how to address the behaviors in healing ways.

Paradigm Shift: The first most important step in helping your child heal is this shift! With more than 4 videos and multiple writings, we will teach you about trauma and how to make the paradigm shift. The Two baby presentation begins the process in seeing your child differently as you learn the damage that occurs with an emotionally unavailable caregiver.

Trauma Parenting


Environment: With 3 videos to outline how to improve the home environment, parents will find practical methods to make small changes to support their traumatized children.

Team Support

Team Support: Families often struggle in parenting without supports. Our 6 videos teach the benefits and cautions of external support systems.


Spiritual support: Read portions of our new devotional to link parenting struggles to God’s Word.


Elements: Watch multiple videos on each element and learn the basics in emotional regulation, co-regulation, fear processing, and narration. Making small changes in our interactions can reap more consistent emotional regulation skills and co-regulatory experiences. Read portions of our new book before it goes to print.

Extra Resources

Extra resources for support systems, schools, child development, references

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