Jeff and Faye founded Early Trauma back in the early 2000's. Where they began training professionals and parents in early Trauma.  From inception till today they have developed several programs, whether it's a family-based program or a family preservation program.  Their real heart is teaching people that early trauma is something that can be fixed.  The damage is caused by a disconnect between the primary caregiver's ability to co-regulate fear with the child.  What this ends up doing is leaves the child, very early in life trying to learn strategies to handle fear alone instead of with the primary caregiver. 

So, they developed the Emotional Cognitive Trauma model to teach parents and professionals how to take the research and make it practical in their own lives and professionals that are helping their families. 

One of the fantastic things they have experienced over the years. Are the people coming back to them, telling them how much of a difference it has made in their lives.

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We are excited to bring our combined 40+ years of mental health experience, including individual and family therapy, and hundreds of hours of specialized training to the consulting market. We have created a unique healing approach to early trauma and attachment disruptions. Book a session with us today!


Come join our support group to learn the skills necessary to maintain a therapeutic home environment designed to heal the hearts and minds of children and teens affected by early trauma.


We have extensive training for both families and professional educators, as well as several publications, a support group, and countless video and editorial resources available. Contact us to get started on your journey of healing.


This devotional is directed towards foster and adoptive parents who have taken in the challenge to parent traumatized children. We have written this devotional in an effort to reinforce the fact that God never calls us to do anything that He has not equipped us to do.

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