When it’s too dark to see

When it’s too dark to see

Passage:  Isaiah 55:8-11

Verse:  Isaiah 55:8

Category:  Element 3, B Positive narration  

Frustrated, irritated, and angry, where is God all of this? We started the foster/adoptive process a few years ago with such high expectations. Even my friends were telling me that it was going to be great and society would appreciate our efforts. Honestly, we didn’t want applauded. Our goal was to help a child. Now, here we are angry and defeated, questioning God’s plan. It’s hard to believe that it is God’s will that this much suffering could occur. I feel the fear and sadness of the infant my adopted son was but I also feel the fear and sadness of my birth children as they try to co-exist with his behavior. I question God’s plan, maybe I was the one who made the mistake. Did I miss read what He was telling us to do?

In today’s passage, we are reminded of a very uncomfortable fact. God’s ways are much higher than our’s. We may never understand the impact of this decision on our other relationships; our children, marriages, extended family and friends. Very few foster and adoptive parents enter into these contracts with the intention of changing themselves.

God on the other hand, had the full picture in mind from the beginning. He had the plan before we had the thought. Given today’s passage, we shouldn’t be surprised when it does not turn out like we thought it would. As hard as it is to adapt to the Christian perspective, at the end of every day, it is God’s thoughts that matter more than ours.

Three points:

  1. Isaiah 55: 8-9:  God’s ways are higher than ours. He knows the beginning and the end, the near infinite interconnections of every decision. Because He is a good God, this knowledge should reduce our fear.
  2. Isaiah 55: 10-11:  His desires will be achieved. It can be scary sometimes to realize that His desires may not perfectly match our own. Point 1 reminds us His desires are better than ours.
  3. Isaiah 55: 12:  We shall go out with joy. In the darkest of times in the most difficult situations of our calling, it is comforting to remember that better times are coming.  


  1. Positive narration:  Read the passage out loud to yourself, thank Him for this promise. This is a spiritual discipline, the more you do it, the closer you will be to Him.
  2. Write reminder cards with the three points to help you remember these thoughts and place them around the house, your desk, and in the car.
  3. Memorize these scriptures so that you will be able to recall the verses when needed.
  4. Prayer:  Ask God to help you align with His desires and to help you see more of His will. Don’t forget to look for His answer.

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